Upgrade Paths: Learjet 60 to Challenger 300

Many people choose Learjets for their speed, climb rate, and range over its competitors. They are the closest thing to a rocket ship in the lighter end of the jet market, but eventually owners want the more spacious cabin and longer range of a mid-size jet, and we often see them moving into a Challenger.

The upside to the Challenger 300 is that it was a green sheet design, specifically for this type of customer, with the reliability and engineering of the CRJ line of workhorses on the commercial side of aviation. Challenger 300s hold their value and are well-liked by owners and charter customers alike. Though not a huge difference in operating costs. The Challenger 300 is much more expensive to acquire. On the upside, the Challenger has more to offer specifically as it relates to passenger comfort, range, and in my opinion, impressive ramp presence for its size.

We’ve pulled the data on these aircraft into a side-by-side comparison for your reference. Check it out by visiting wepushtin.com/sidebyside.

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