The Lowdown on the Citation Bravo

The Citation Bravo was introduced in 1997 as the successor to Cessna’s very popular Citation II. The Bravo became one of the most popular Citations of all time with more than 330 deliveries from 1997 through 2006. Cessna improved upon the II by equipping the Bravo with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW530A engines and the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite. These changes led to increased cruising speed, extended range, faster climb rate, better takeoff performance, improved fuel efficiency, and lower hourly costs than the II.

Citations have a reputation for simplicity, reliability and affordability, and the Bravo is no exception. The single-pilot capable Citation Bravo also strikes a very desirable balance between performance and cost. While the Bravo costs the same to operate as the Citation II, it provides far more bang for your buck. The Bravo outperforms the II in climb, cruise, operating ceiling, and max takeoff weight, all while burning less fuel per hour. The Bravo also boasts impressive range for its size (nearly 1,300 nautical miles with seats full). It is capable of non-stop flights from New York to Miami, Los Angeles to San Francisco, and Aspen to Southern California. Excellent runway capabilities provide great versatility and allow Bravo owners to operate in and out of a large selection of smaller airports.

The Bravo has long been an in-demand aircraft, and we expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future. The pre-owned Bravo market has been one of the most active markets in the pre-owned fleet. Five of the last six quarters have 10 or more sales. In June of 2015, Charlie Bravo listed 2001 Citation Bravo S/N 550-1000, which is one of the lowest time Bravos available on the market. Check it out in our current inventory. If you missed out on this one, or it doesn’t meet your criteria, please contact us. We probably have a couple more in our back pocket.

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