Economic Impact of Private Aviation

Data regarding the contribution of general aviation to the US economy in 2013 was recently published by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), including employment, labor income, economic output, and contribution to the GDP. PwC defines general aviation as “the manufacture and operation of any type of aircraft that has been issued an airworthiness certificate by the FAA, other than aircraft used for scheduled commercial air service or operated by the military.”


Nationwide, 255,000 full- and part-time workers were directly employed in general aviation in 2013, including positions in aircraft and component manufacturing, flight operations, maintenance, and other activities. Including indirect, induced and enabled impacts, general aviation, in total, supported 1.1 million jobs and $219 billion in output. General aviation also generated $69 billion in labor income (including wages and salaries and benefits as well as proprietors’ income) and contributed $109 billion to US gross domestic product (GDP). Unsurprisingly, California, Texas and Florida’s general aviation industries led the nation in total contribution to GDP and employment, and GA in Kansas contributed more than 2% of its state economy.

Compared to a similar study conducted in 2007, general aviation is growing faster than commercial aviation in the US, although commercial impact still outweighs private 4:1.

Check out some of the study’s more interesting findings below…

According to PwC:

1. Direct impact is economic activity within the general aviation industry

2. Indirect impact is economic activity occurring throughout the supply chain associated with general aviation

3. Induced impact is economic activity resulting from household spending of labor and proprietor’s income earned directly or indirectly from general aviation-related activities

4. Enabled impact is economic activity resulting from the visitors’ destination expenditures associated with general aviation flights

Total Economic Impact of General Aviation on the US Economy, 2013

[Dollar Amounts in Billions]
General Aviation’s Employment Impact by State, 2013
Sorted by Total Employment Impact
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