5 Fastest Single-Pilot Jets

Citation CJ4

Cruise Speed – 442 knots

Cessna’s most advanced Citation Jet, the CJ4, is the fastest single-pilot plane in the world, by far, at 442 knots. First delivered in 2010, the CJ4 is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbofan engines that produce 3,621 pounds of thrust each. Cessna’s goal with the CJ4 was to provide owners and operators with a faster Citation Jet with longer range without having to move up to the midsize jet category.



HondaJet HA-420

Cruise Speed – 420 knots

Honda Aircraft Company’s first aircraft model, the HondaJet HA-420, comes in with a cruise speed to match its name. At 420 knots, the HondaJet is the second fastest single-pilot plane in the world. The HondaJet gets its speed from lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics, and two GE Honda HF120 turbofan engines.



Citation Encore (Encore+)

Cruise Speed – 419 knots

The Citation Encore comes in at third on our list with a cruise speed of 419 knots. During the time of its production (2006-2011) the Encore was also the largest single-pilot jet in the world, with a cabin length of 17 feet and four inches and room for seven passengers. The Encore+ underwent a payload increase over its predecessor, and remains up there with the CJ4 and HondaJet, in terms of versatility, for that reason.



Citation Ultra

Cruise Speed – 419 knots

Cessna’s Citation Ultra is the oldest plane on this list, manufactured from 1994 to 1999, and is tied with the Encore with a cruise speed of 419 knots. During its prime, the Ultra was one of the best performing single-pilot planes in the world, including climb rate and runway performance. To this day, its climb rate sits atop the best among single-pilot planes, as well as its cruise speed.



Embraer Phenom 300

Cruise Speed – 419 knots

Embraer’s Phenom 300 was the most delivered business jet in the world from 2013 to 2014, due in large part to its impressive performance at an affordable cost. The Phenom 300’s cruise speed is tied with both the Encore and Ultra at 419 knots. Its 1,900+ mile range is among the best in its class, as are its operating costs, which are comparable to some turboprops.

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