10 Single-Pilot Planes with the Range to Get You Where You Need to Go

One of the biggest issues with flying single-pilot operations is that the user is limited to smaller aircraft, typically with shorter range. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 10 single-pilot aircraft that have the longest range.

The following planes, from turboprops to light jets, can get you where you need to go with just one pilot. Keep in mind while reading that the range of an aircraft depends heavily on the number of passengers, weight of luggage, weather conditions, and more.

King Air B200 – 1,755 nm

The King Air B200 has the 10th longest range of single-pilot aircraft at 1,755 nautical miles. One of the biggest factors that allows the King Airs on this list to fly as far as they do is their fuel efficiency. The King Air B200, for example, burns a mere 101 gallons per hour, which is significantly lower than most of its light jet competitors.

King Air 300 – 1,795 nm

The King Air 300’s specs are similar to the B200’s, though the King Air 300 has Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6A-60A engines, as opposed to the B200’s PT6A-42 engines. The King Air 300 boasts the ninth longest range on this list, with a range slightly higher than the B200 at 1,795 nautical miles. The 300 model is a little bit more expensive to operate, though.

King Air 200 – 1,870 nm

Beechcraft’s first aircraft in the Super King Air series, the King Air 200, has the longest range of any King Air to date, and the eighth longest on this list at 1,870 nautical miles. One of its downfalls, however, is its 265-knot cruise speed, which is among the lowest in its class. Like the B200, the King Air 200’s Pratt & Whitney engines burn only 101 gallons of fuel per hour, making it one of the cheapest planes on this list to operate.

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Citation CJ3+ – 1,875 nm

Seventh on our list of single-pilot aircraft with the furthest range is Cessna’s Citation CJ3+, a plane that Cessna has tagged “Efficient and Dependable.” If you’re familiar with the Citation Jet line, you’ll know that the CJ3+ is simply another addition to a long line of efficient light jets that get the job done. In addition to its impressive 1,875-nautical-mile range, the CJ3+ has some of the best landing capabilities of any single-pilot aircraft.

Phenom 300 – 1,903 nm

Embraer’s Phenom 300 has the sixth-highest range among single-pilot aircraft at 1,903 nautical miles. Considering its 419-knot cruise speed, ability to seat seven passengers, and its impressive range, its 157-gallon-per-hour burn rate is nothing short of impressive. There’s a reason it was the most delivered business jet in 2013 and 2014. According to Flying Mag, the Phenom 300 is “in essence, Embraer’s attempt to stretch the limits of the light jet segment by creating an airplane with best-in-class performance, comfort and utility while keeping operating costs at turboprop levels.”

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Citation V – 1,960 nm

The Citation V and the Ultra both have a range of about 1,960 nautical miles, which is tied for fourth on this list. In addition to being among the single-pilot jets with the furthest range, the Citation V’s payload is also among the best in its class, which is usually the deciding factor for those that favor the Citation V over its competition. Its downfalls are its relatively high operating and maintenance costs.

Citation Ultra – 1,960 nm

The Citation Ultra boasts a range of 1,960 nautical miles, identical to the V. Its improved engines, however, give it a significant increase in cruise speed, climb rate, and runway performance. Both the Citation V and Ultra are popular choices for trips within the United States, but the Ultra will get the job done much faster. Like the Citation V, the Ultra’s downfall is the fact that it has some of the most expensive operating costs among single-pilot jets.

Citation SII – 1,970 nm

The Citation SII is one of the oldest jets on this list, produced from 1984 to 1988. Its range is identical to the Encore’s at 1,970 nautical miles, though its cruise speed is significantly lower than the Encore’s. It’s known for its simplicity in both design and operation, making it a popular choice for single-pilot operations in its time.

Citation Encore – 1,970 nm

The Citation Encore is tied for second on our list, with a range just longer that of the Ultra and V at 1,970 nautical miles. The Encore is known for its versatility and unique ability to fly long distances and takeoff and land on short runways. The Encore is the successor to the Ultra and the V. The Encore improved even further on the Ultra, improving upon climb rate, range, fuel efficiency and operating costs.

Citation CJ4 – 2,192 nm

In production since 2010, Cessna’s Citation CJ4 has far and away the best range of any single-pilot aircraft at 2,192 nautical miles. It also has the largest cabin of any Citation Jet, a full 21 inches longer than that of the CJ3. One of the major changes to the CJ4, and one of the reasons its range is so long, is a redesigned wing to reduce drag and increase fuel capacity.

For more detailed information on each of these aircraft, including operating costs, performance specs and more, check out our Buyers’ Guide for Single-Pilot Planes by clicking on the graphic below.

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