Charlie Bravo Aviation streamlines pre-owned aircraft transactions by providing a comprehensive suite of white glove business aviation services: In Depth Research, Marketing & Sales, Acquisitions, and Advisory Services.

In-Depth Research

We are constantly studying and analyzing the pre-owned aircraft market, internally and with a collection of trusted business aviation leaders. In doing so, we’ve built a collection of relevant, trust-worthy resources that serves as the foundation for our market research offering. With this offering, we work with buyers to understand their corporate and financial requirements to source reliable information about related pre-owned aircraft transactions.

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Marketing & Sales

At Charlie Bravo Aviation, we take an unconventional approach to marketing to successfully reach our vast network of industry connections through multiple channels. Our recognized leadership and thorough market research in preowned corporate aircraft transactions has built us a reputation of setting fair, realistic prices. Furthermore, we are able to quickly and accurately identify competitive offerings and any related weaknesses.

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Given our commitment to knowing about every aircraft owner on a global scale, our team at Charlie Bravo Aviation is privy to off-market aircraft details. These details combined with our public market research methodology and marketing & sales experience guarantee that we have the tools to identify the best aircraft (on or off-market) for your corporate and financial requirements, accomplishing your mission efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

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Not only do we meet our clients’ requirements through our research, marketing & sales, and acquisitions offerings, we also offer white glove service post-transaction. Charlie Bravo Aviation is committed to our buyers and have built relationships that allow our aircraft owners to optimize the cash flow on their pur chase. We have partnered with the best-of-the best in accounting, legal, management, maintenance, upholstery, and more to ensure post-transaction success.

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Why Use Us

White Glove Experience (Personalized Approach)

At Charlie Bravo Aviation, we are committed to providing a white glove experience for each and every one of our clients. From the start, we design a personalized approach based on the client’s mission. We know that one size does not fit all in business aviation, so we have dedicated ourselves to tailoring the experience in such a way that highlights our expertise and builds on our reputation.

Industry Expertise (Market, Deal Management, Resources)

Our diverse team of business aviation leaders has been in the industry for over 20 years and has vast expertise in market research, deal management, and education. As a result, we believe in offering free ongoing educational resources on the industry, publishing high-quality, reliable information that empowers both buyers and sellers.

Trusted Reputation (Clients, Partners & Service Providers)

Due to our well-respected reputation, the team at Charlie Bravo Aviation has built a vast network of industry connections including buyers, sellers, pilots, service providers, and more. We build partnerships within this network so our buyers will be able to leave every transaction knowing they will always know where to turn.

You don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s costly.

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