Crushing Mediocrity


10 Ways to Rise Above the Status Quo

Book by René Banglesdorf and Lisa Copeland



Are you surrounded by people who are stuck in the “status quo” or satisfied with participation trophies? Is this mediocrity your new standard? Have you settled for a mundane existence, as it would appear millions of people have? Is that what you envisioned for your family, your workplace, or your community?

The truth is, you have the option to improve your world, rise above the status quo, and crush mediocrity. With some genuine encouragement and a little guidance, you can take the first steps to making a much bigger impact, starting right where you are today. No matter your age, your circumstances, your background, or your struggles with fear and failure, you can make choices today that will transform your life and legacy into something great.

In Crushing Mediocrity, authors René Banglesdorf and Lisa Copeland draw from their own—and others’—experiences to explore 10 tried-and-true principles you can use to improve your current situation and become extraordinary. Both Banglesdorf and Copeland have applied these very principles to their own lives and have climbed to the top of two male-dominated industries, namely aviation and automotive.

This book examines the importance of knowing your purpose, owning your choices, working together, standing out and using your influence for good. It provides a clear path to rising above the status quo and crushing the standard of mediocrity across all demographics and personality types.

“The world is waiting for you to do something to change it. What are you waiting for?”

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