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Produced by our team of analysts alongside ASA Certified Senior Appraiser Bob Wilke, Charlie Bravo Aviation offers customized, in-depth research that gives you information to maximize your aviation investments.

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Business conditions have changed.

Normal business conditions have ceased to exist for most companies in the world. Even if your company hasn’t been impacted as much as others, the ripple effects are far-reaching. If you own an aircraft – or hold the note on one – market visibility is more important than ever.

Get next-level intelligence with Charlie Bravo Aviation’s in-depth research.

Trusted experts in turbine aircraft for years.

Charlie Bravo Aviation has been producing market reports on turbine aircraft for years. We keep tabs on values, trends, and transactional data for more than 80 popular models. From our insights, we publish a high-level summary of this data each quarter.

To take this to the next level, we’ve partnered with ASA Senior Aircraft Appraiser Bob Wilke to provide custom in-depth research. This offering provides you with the same insight and research we give our listing and acquisition clients updated monthly with current market conditions. Additionally, we’ll keep an ear open for distressed acquisition opportunities, if you’re in the market for a particular aircraft type.

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In-Depth Research Features

Your customized in-depth research will be delivered straight to your inbox the same time every month, so you have the information you need to maximize your aviation investments.

In-depth research goes above and beyond our market reports with:

Accurate compilation of aircraft currently advertised for sale, including upgrades or maintenance status’ of each aircraft.

Monthly transactional data, keeping you up to date on what parts of the market are seeing activity.

Year model specific current values to aid in fleet assessment.

Knowing what you are doing – it’s a small price to pay.