2010 PHENOM 100


SERIAL: 50000035 | REG: C-FLIX
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Embraer’s Phenom 100 is an entry-level, single-pilot jet, and one of the few planes in the world that are considered “very light jets.” The Phenom 100 is the second fastest in its class (behind the market newcomer built by Honda), with a cruise speed of more than 360 knots. The Phenom 100 is bigger and faster than the EA500 and the Citation Mustang, and its max takeoff weight is nearly 2,000 pounds heavier than the Mustang, and 4,000 pounds heavier than the Eclipse EA500. It takes off quicker and climbs faster, as well. The Phenom 100 burns a mere 99 gallons of fuel per hour, making it one of the most efficient jets in the world to fly. Embraer also released the Phenom 100EV variant with weight savings and a thrust increase from 1,695 pounds to 1,730, improving climb rate and reducing takeoff distance at high-altitude and high-temperature airports. The EV model also comes equipped with Garmin G3000 avionics instead of the Prodigy G1000 found on the original model.

• Total Time: 3014 Hours
• Enrolled on Embraer Executive Care
$574.55 Per Month and $259.31 Per Hour

• Left Engine: 3014 Hours
• Right Engine: 3014 Hours
• Enrolled on Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold
$164.45 Per Engine Per Hour

• Embraer Prodigy Flight Deck
• Three 12-Inch Garmin Displays
• Dual AHRS
• Dual RVSM Compliant Digital Air Data Computers
• Dual Radio Modules
• Dual Digital Audio Control Systems
• Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System w/ Centralized Maint. Computer Like Functionality
• Class-B Terrain Awareness and Warning System
• Garmin GTX-33D Mode S Transponder
• Integrated Traffic Information System
• Dual Garmin GTX-33D Transponder – Mode S with Diversity
• Garmin GWX-68 Weather Radar
• Honeywell KN-63 DME
• Kannad 406 AF ELT
• Cabin Light and Temperature Controls
• Collins ADF

• Satellite Weather Datalink
• XM Satellite Radio
• Cockpit seats Sheepskin Cover
• Sunshade and Sun Visor
• Life Vests
• Smoke Goggles
• Premium Passenger Door
• Interior noise reduction engine baffles

• Four Passenger Club Seating
• Aft Lavatory
• Fwd RH Wardrobe Closet
• Inflight Entertainment Package
• Infrared XM Radio Remote Control
• Portable Interfaced Media Player
• CD/MP3 Player w/Four Speakers & Subwoofer

• Overall White with Light Gray, Coral Red and Black Paint