2005 Citation XLS


SERIAL: 560-5538 | REG: N789KG
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The Citation XLS was the first successor to the Excel, featuring a glass cockpit with Honeywell’s Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite and upgraded PW545B engines for increased performance. Compared to the Excel, Cessna’s Citation XLS has a faster climb rate, better takeoff and landing performance, better hot-and-high performance and improved efficiency. The cabin also received upgrades, including fold-out tables, LED lighting, sliding headrests and wider seats than the original Excel model. The Primus 1000 avionics suite consolidates multiple displays into three LCD screens, reducing the pilot’s workload. Like most Citations, the XLS has a reputation for reliability, efficiency and safety. Combined with its 560-series predecessor (the Excel) and its successor (the XLS+), there are roughly 900 of this model of aircraft in operation around the world.


• Total Time: 4908.6 Hours
• Total Landings: 2983 Cycles


• Dual Pratt & Whitney PW 545B
• Left Engine: 4908.6 Hours / 2983 Cycles
• Right Engine: 4908.6 Hours / 2983 Cycles
• Delivered with Freshly Overhauled Engines


• Total Time: 2534.2 Hours
• Total Landings: 2191 Cycles
• Allied Signal RE-100LJ


• Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics Suite
• Dual RCZ Comms w/ 8:33 Spacing
• Dual NV-850 Navs w/ FM Immunity
• Honeywell DF-850 ADF
• Dual DM-850 DME
• Dual XS-852 Mode S TXPs w/Enhanced Surveillance
• Universal UNS-1ESP FMS w/GPS (Provisions for 2nd FMS)
• Provisions for UniLink UL-701
• Honeywell Mark V EGPWS
• Honeywell TCASII w/Change 7
• L3 FA2100 CVR & JAA Approved FDR
• Artex C406-2 ELT

• Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch
• Underwater Beacon
• Eros Crew Oxygen Masks
• Securaplane Standby Battery
• Pulselite System
• AvVisor Plus w/ Large Screen

• Nine Passengers
• Center Club
• Two Place Forward Side Facing Couch
• Two Aft Forward Facing Seats
• Belted Lavatory
• Forward Refreshment Center
• Wardrode
• Private Aft Lavatory with Vanity and Wash Basin
• Medium Beige Carpet
• Medium Beige Lower Sidewall
• Gold Tone Fixtures and Hardware
• Medium Colored Bird’s Eye Maple Cabinetry and Drink Rail

• Overall Matterhorn White with Blue, Red and Beige Striping.